How to Use Your Prayer Beads
"Nancy, the prayer beads are truly fantastic, & your guide is going to be very helpful to me, I was surprised at how nice it was, I was just expecting a little brochure or something! Thank you for that. Thank you again for the beautiful prayer beads," - Violet C, Orlando, FL




Hold the beads loosely in your left hand, allowing the cross to dangle. Gently grasp the cross in your right hand and say your beginning prayer.

Move up the chain and lightly grasp the first bead (invitatory bead) between your thumb and forefinger and say the selected prayer for your invitatory bead.

Move your fingers up the chain to the next individual bead (the first of 4 cruciform beads), and say the prayer selected for your cruciform beads.

Move up the chain to the first set of 7 beads (you will be going counterclockwise around the rosary). Grasping the first bead, say the chosen prayer for the weeks. Repeat on the successive 6 beads, breathing deeply between each bead.

Move to the next cruciform (dividing) bead and say the cruciform prayer again. Then move to the second “week” of 7 beads. Continue as before through all 4 weeks.

“Exit” the rosary with a prayer of thanksgiving while holding the cross, and sit in silence for a few minutes.

The repetition of words, combined with the focal point of the beads in your hands, will help to slow the mind and still the body, leaving you peaceful and refreshed.

Each set of beads is accompanied by a booklet of prayers that will guide you through each section of the rosary. Once you are comfortable with your beads, feel free to compose your own prayers.



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