Testimonials from Happy Customers
"The beads arrived in perfect shape; thank you so much! They are gorgeous, and will be treasured. I will spread the word about your wonderful ministry, and I look forward to placing future orders!"
Marcella M., Boca Raton, FL




Over the years, I've bought several sets of your rosary beads and they have all been exquisite. They're a joy and an inspiration. Thank you!
Nancy Z
Erie, PA

Nancy, The prayer beads arrived in the mail today.  They are exquisite.  I have wrapped them up for my husband for Christmas, and can't wait to see his face when he opens them.  Thank you so much for such a beautiful job.  I'll be ordering a couple more sets after the holidays for myself and a friend. Hope your Christmas is merry and your New Year the best one yet,
Nancy G

Hello, again, Nancy,
  My beads arrived today and I couldn't be more pleased!  I love the quality and the feel of them.  The little booklet is very informative and inspiring, too.  I am smiling from ear to ear.  God bless you in your ministry.  Btw, I joined the church choir last night. My spiritual walk as an Episcopalian has a satisfying and exciting start.  The lovely prayer beads that you crafted will most certainly help me along this joyful, new path.  Thank you, again.
Fresno CA

nancy, oh oh thank you so and this is my second order for beads.....they are so beautiful....i have given my first order away to bless a friend with cancer and another friend...i love your beads....i go to the methodistchurch so i love love love the special beads........they are just an excellent blessing and thank you and blessings to all you do ....
Linda M., Tulsa OK

One of the last times I was meditating with your beads I was looking at the workmanship and enjoying the beauty of them…Yours is a wonderful Ministry, isn't it?  Just to know that these beads you have put together have been instrumental in people praying the world around.  Simply awesome and you must marvel.  Good on ya! (as we would say in Nova Scotia where I am originally from).
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I receive my prayer bracelet today.  They are beautiful. Thank you.
Fae F
Friendswood, TX

The prayer beads are beautiful!
Pam L
Bethesda by the Sea
Palm Beach FL<

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the beautiful prayer bead bracelet I received today. It's both prettier and more durable than I expected, and considering I had high expectations after reading reviews on your site, that is saying quite a bit.
Thanks again,
Michelle M
Los Alamitos, CA

Dear Nancy, The beads are so beautiful.  It is evident that the holy spirit is guiding you as you craft the prayer and meditation beads! The prayer you emailed to me on Sunday touched my heart and soul! Your brother in Christ,
Joe M
Moonachie, NJ

Hi Nancy. The beads arrived today. They are very nice. Thank you.
Kevin M.
Van Wert, OH

dear nancy thank you so much for the beads they are lovely just like i thought they would look i am sending them to my son steven to-night i know they will help him a lot so once again nancy thank-you with regards carolynn
United Kingdom

Nancy was so easy to work with and creative!  I made a special order using special beads and cross, and her prayers as she made it are a comfort to me.  I love my rosary--thank you!
Jan D
Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for being available to make the beads.  Obviously this is your calling and you do a beautiful job.  The Order of St. Luke at my church love them.  I take some with me as we pray for the sick and needy.
Thank you again
New Smyrna Beach, FL

I received my prayer beads today.  As always, they are beautiful.  As I have had done in the past, I will take these to my church and have blessed. Thank you again for your beautiful work
Lynn E
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Dear Nancy, Thank you so much for your lovely email....I received my beads very quickly, several days ago; and they are magnificent!  I know they will be wonderful to use, such an inspiring gift.  And the prayer book included will be the perfect way to maximize my experience with the beads; I'm extremely grateful to have that as well.  And I just love the beautiful prayer for my beads that you included in your email--thank you so much!  Thank you very, very much for everything--I know I will have a terrific experience with the beads.
Darien, CT

I received the prayer beads this weekend. The one meant for a gift I took to my friend & she loved them. She is currently housebound due to illness. I have been praying with mine since I got them & they have been a huge blessing for me. Thank you for the beautiful prayer & blessing. The booklet you sent with the prayer beads is perfect! Thank you so very much & may God bless you in your work.
Ricci H

Hi Nancy, I ordered two prayer beads strands and I wanted to share a story with you…I took the jet black beads/silver cross for my niece… When she opened my present to her in the hospital, she burst into tears…she used the prayer beads in the hospital chapel every day and every night.  She thanked me many many times for giving her the beautiful prayer beads as a gift...  I was so touched by her reaction to the prayer beads.  I will be placing an order soon, but wanted to take the time to share with you how your beads are touching lives.
Tammy McNellage
   Boston MA

Received my beads just a few days ago and they are BEAUTIFUL, thank you so much! The guide is also very helpful and thoughtful. And, I received them in time for Holy Week and praying the Rosary at church. Thanks again,
Nancy K
Leeds, AL

I received my two beautiful rosaries yesterday. One is for my mother, she is just starting to pray the rosary. The other was for me, to celebrate my one year anniversary at my wonderful church.  Both rosaries are absolutely gorgeous and we both love them! Thank you so much for the hard work and care you put into them. God Bless You!
Nancy K.
Leeds, AL

Hi Nancy -
The beads did arrive safely and they are beautiful. Thanks!
Peggy L

Dear Nancy,
I have been very pleased with the anglican prayer beads that I have purchased with you… The Prayer beads that I bought from you were made of tigers eye beads and I just love them.
Betty Long (Rev.)
  shrewsbury, MA

I am soooo anxious to get them.  The ones in my other order are so beautiful!!!  I gave them as gifts and they loved them!!!
Jane G:)
United Kingdom

Thank you so much for the prayer beads and do apologize for just replying. The prayers beads have been very comforting and enables me to keep focused. Thank you.
Pflugerville, TX

I am just reading this email because I don't have a computer right now but I really wanted to write to you because my prayer beads are absolutely gorgeous and I love them. I love holding them and using them and having them. I carry them with me daily and will probably order another set. Thank you so very much. I feel your presence and love in them.
With love,
New York, NY

Nancy, The beads are lovely.   And many thanks for the prayer.
Mary Jane G

The Rosary arrived Friday.  It is much appreciated and already repackaged and in the mail to Recruit Andrew.  I also included our recent email exchange to pass on your heartfelt thanks, and your  prayer while making the Rosary, more directly from you to him. Thank you very much.  I feel blessed to have had this chance to write you.
Michael W
Kokomo, IN

Bless Your Heart !!
They arrived Thursday in evening post and they are absolutely perfect!  Just beautiful !! Could not be more pleased with the workmanship...or should say work-woman-ship, I am just so happy with the beads and the booklets are wonderful.  We are doing a small birthday breakfast for our friend Sunday morning before Mass and will present hers to her and I know she will love them also. Will definitely keep you in mind in the future  and thanks so very much.
Darwin L
Breckenridge, TX

Thank you so much for my beautiful prayer beads that arrived today. Thank you especially for your prayer over them - it means a lot. I'm really looking forward to using them and I will be placing another order soon for beads to give as gifts to a couple of close friends. Wishing you every blessing,
Jane G
United Kingdom

Yes, I received them today.  And thank you, Nancy, for the booklet that accompanied them. My wife has now begun stringing her own, along with our kids, and are having a great time together.  Your beads touched a great spot in our hearts.
Again, thank you, and may God remain with you. 
Kyle F
Waco, TX

I got the beads today! They are so incredibly beautiful! Thank you so much. I cannot wait to use them!
Zacchaeus K

Thank you Nancy for your beautiful prayer for me and I know I will treasure the prayer beads you made me for life.
In Christ,
Cerritos, CA

I just wanted to say thank you. You did a lovely work on the rosary. All your prayers are greatly appreciated.
Kristin R
Clayton, NC

My prayer beads arrived today; they are lovely. Most importantly however, were your two messages of prayer and blessings to me. You are delightful in your ministry, and your words of encouragement we lifters of my sprit.
Thank you for your graciousness. I pray God's blessings over you.
Father Brad
Easton, Maryland

THEY ARRIVED!!!   Crystal's, the pretty greens is absolutely perfect for her and I LOVE my set. The colors are everything you described and are going to be perfect to meditate with as I pray. 
Laurie P
Dallas , TX

I got them today. They are beautiful. Thank you so much.
Merry Christmas !

Thank you so much for the beads.  They are beautiful.
  Patricia L
Orlando, FL

Nancy, thank you so much for the beads and especially for your prayer.  When I read your note this morning, it touched my heart.  I have felt in need of prayer since I found out my first child may need to be delivered by C-section because she is in a breech position.  However, each time I pray I work through more of my fear and find more gratitude that we live in a place and time where such medical intervention is possible, not to mention thankfulness that the problem is not more serious.  Your prayer for peace is one I will keep in my heart and remember as I wait for my baby girl's arrival.  Thank you!!
  Jamie Whitney
Austin, TX

Dear Nancy,
I well received the beads and I have began to pray with them yet. I thank you, it is beautifull !
Friendly in God, with all my prayer

Hello Nancy.  The two with the woven crosses are Christmas gifts for   my girls(16, 13). The other is for my sister who is struggling with   health and life issues.  I ordered a set from you many years ago -   and they are very dear to me.  I look forward to giving these new   sets away. Thank you.  Many blessings,
Cheri T
Jefferson MD

It was great to read that my prayer beads will soon be in my hands. Thanks so much! I pray that your ministry will lead many into a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. I cannot wait for my beads. Your prayer for me was truly a blessing as I read it. I think the Lord knew exactly what words I needed. Thanks again!
God Bless!

The beads arrived and I love them.  Can't wait to give them.  The book is very nice to have and you did good work.  Thanks again,
Betty C
Wyandotte, MI

Dear Nancy,
I received my prayer beads last Friday, the 13th. Thank you so much. The green adventurine beads seemed immediately familiar. And the fancy jasper colors are so lovely. I may have a new favorite rosary! I really like the smaller crosses and the fittings or findings that you have added to invitatory bead and the cruciform beads. Thank you again.
Sally Z, Chadron NE

Dear ma'am, received the prayer beads yesterday, it is beautiful. I will always treasure it. Thank you
In Christ,
Robert L, Phillipines

I just wanted to thank you for the prayer beads and booklet you sent me, which I received yesterday. They are beautiful :> Thank you also for your prayer, and I wish all the same to you.

Dear Nancy, the beads are gorgeous. Thank you so much,
Candee H

The prayer beads have arrived and are truly beautiful! Obviously made with careful artistry, creativity, and love for the Lord.
Lauren L, Boca Raton, FL

I got my beautiful prayer bead bracelet today - I love it and I thank you!

Just wanted you to know that my friend Katherine received her lovely light blue crystal beads in today's mail. I used mine first thing this morning. They are beautifully made, the perfect size, and with a pleasing weight to them. It really is helpful to have that "something to hold onto" during prayer, and as an aid to quiet the mind when worries begin to move inside.
Thanks again.
Deborah S.

Hi Nancy,
How lovely!! Thank you so much for your work and for the thought and care you have put into making these for us. I hope more people find their way to you as we look for ways to keep ourselves centered and in grace in these uncertain times. I know that the prayers with our fingers on the beads will help.
Thank you also for the prayer and for your blessings. Angels watch over you, your loved ones and the work you do.
Blessings and Peace,
Deborah, Redmond WA

Love them, thanks so much
Sue O, Austin TX

They are wonderful. Thank you.
Sarah W, Houston, TX

HI Nancy, Thank you, and I am so touched. Your beads are very special with your prayer for me, and custom made to my liking. I will keep you in mind for future gifts, and keep you in my prayers.
Linda, Hollis Center, ME

Received prayer beads and booklet. VERY pleased. Thank you.
Rich, Pottstown PA

Thanks for letting me know about my shipment. Just to let you know, this is my second bracelet. The Holy Spirit moved me this past week to pass my first one on to my sister-in-Christ who was having a rough time with her boyfriend. She's been using it every single day since then.
You're doing good works, Nancy. Thank you....
In Christ,
Laurie Shoemaker, Plainwell MI

I received my rosary this afternoon, and it is beautiful. Thank you for sending it quickly, so I will be able to have it blessed soon.
Monica Will, Moundsville, WV

Nancy, the prayer beads are truly fantastic, & your guide is going to be very helpful to me, I was surprised at how nice it was, I was just expecting a little brochure or something! Thank you for that.
Thank you again for the beautiful prayer beads,
Violet C, Orlando, FL

Thank you Nancy, the beads were received today and they are lovely.
Laura S, Folsom CA

Hello, Miss Nancy,
They-----my beads-----have arrived, are truly beautiful, and l look forward to learning and to using them. Thank you for the beads and the beautiful prayer that you said over them. I refer to it often.
Carolyn M, Centerville GA

I got them today! Thank you so much! They are beautiful, I can't wait to give them to my husband tomorrow. Thank you again!
Marianne D, Westerly, RI

I just wanted you to know that I received the rosary bracelet today. It's absolutely beautiful, and I could just feel your prayer intertwined among the beads as I held it in my hands. I'm glad that you don't just string the beads. The sound they make because of the technique you use, is special and unique.
Laurie S, Plainwell, MI

Dear Nancy--I received the lovely beads yesterday. I have already used them and can't wait to show them to my women's group.
Bonnie S, Sun City West, AZ

I received the very nice set of Anglican Prayer Beads. Thank you so much for them. Please continue to pray for me....Again, the prayer beads are great.
Gerald K, Phipladelphia PA

Thank you so very much for your craftsmanship and your prayer !!
Sharon C, Kerrville, TX

Hello Nancy,
Thank you again for your beautiful work on my rosary. I'm using them on a regular basis and love them.
Sebastian, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hi Nancy! I just wanted to let you know that I have received my new rosary and it is beautiful! Thank you so much for it, and for your precious prayer for me. God bless you.
Holly, Hopkinton, RI

Nancy - the beads did arrive yesterday and are beautiful - I know my sister will love them. Thank you and have a wonderful Easter weekend!
Nancy, Albuquerque, NM

The rosary arrived this afternoon. OH MY GOODNESS! It is absolutely gorgeous! It is just so beautiful. I cannot thank you enough. It will mean so much to me.
My heartfelt thanks!
Barbara F, Oklahoma City, OK

My prayer beads have arrived! They are beautiful! Thank you so very much!
Well, they are here now and I already love them. Thank you again and God bless you my dear sister!
Jennifer Turbett, Inyokern, CA

I purchased an onyx Anglican rosary from you that I dearly love and use with my prayers. I wanted to thank you for your prayers while making it for me. I have shared many of the prayers in the guide book with others.
I am grateful for your ministry.
Alline E.

The prayer beads are unbelievably WONDERFUL. I am THRILLED with them. In 'real life' they are even more precious than they appear on the web page.
Thank you so very much for the prayers and work that went into each one. I will be ordering more shortly.I just can't thank you enough for the lovely prayer book that accompanies each set.
You are a true blessing in my life.
Janie, Winchester, ON Canada

I just wanted to let you know they arrived today and they are beautiful. I'm so excited to give them to my friend! Thank you so much!
Catherine A, Fairport, NY

They are beautiful and I love the guide you sent for use. I know my friends will enjoy them very much.
Renee K, New Orleans, LA

Hey, Nancy!
I received my beads today. They are gorgeous! I especially like the cross you chose. I love its simplicity and strength. You did GOOD!
Phyllis S, Monroe LA

Dear Nancy,
I have received the prayer beads and they are lovely! Thank you so much.
Mary H, Concord CA

I am delighted to be placing my second order, with dear friends in mind.
R E K, Mechanicsville, VA

Received the emerald rosary and it is beautiful! I'd like to order another one for my daughter.
Alliene P, Concord NH

Thank you so much for the prayer and for your ministry. I have a set of your beads that I just love and picked these out to give as a gift to my cousin. I will save your email to include with the beads when I give them to her. I'm sure she will find them to be as much an aid to prayer as I do. It sure helps to quiet my 'noisy brain' and focus my prayers.
God's peace,
Barbara B, Fuquay Varina, NC

Dear Nancy,
The prayer beads came to me a couple of weeks ago and they are lovely. It especially means so much to me that you made them for me with a prayer at this difficult time in my life. I am sure I'll be asking for another set of beads in the aquamarine soon. God continue to bless you and the work you're doing....
Vikki V, San Antonio, TX

I just wanted to let you know that my first rosary arrived yesterday (Ascension Day). I must say that I am quite pleased. It is very beautiful. You are remarkably talented!
The book you included is a nice touch, as well. As an Episcopalian, I was delighted to see some of the BCP-inspired prayers.
Eric K, Mechanicsville, VA

Dear Nancy,
I received my prayer beads today and want to tell you about the joy that overcame me when I opened the package. They are beautiful and I want to thank you very much for the thought and prayer that went into making them. I will have them blessed by Father Steve at my church. Again thank you and Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.
- Vesta E., St. Petersburg, FL

I thank you for the beautiful prayer beads that I got just today, or rather yesterday since I work nights and got the mail on my way to work earlier this evening. The beads are even more beautiful than I anticipated and I love them! You did a beautiful job!
- Sincerely, CandaceG., Ponchatoula, LA

Dear Nancy,
Thank you so much for the beautiful prayer beads - I received them this afternoon and I love them. You have a great gift! Thank you for your time, talent, and thoughtfulness. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you!
- Abigail W., Hoschton, GA

They've arrived!! And they're absolutely fantastic, much more than I thought they would be, I'm amazed at them, please accept my sincere gratitude and good wishes for your future and may you continure to preach the Good News in this way for a long time to come.
May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you and your family now and always.
- Denis K, Lancashire, UKI

The prayer beads you made for me arrived this week. They are beautiful! I sincerely appreciate your prayers.
- Don L., Dowagiac, MI

We love your work - we've had numerous rosaries that you have made over the past few years. We're always giving them to other people at times when we feel they might have a more pressing need than we, but I assure you we put them to good use while they are in our possession. My husband is a seminarian and uses his as part of his personal devotion routine. Since he broke his last one, he has been using mine - which is why we ordered this one. Thanks again.
- Frances M., Austin, TX

Thank you for the beads, both the beads and the prayer are beautiful. Thank you again.
- Noah R., Portland, OR

I have got the prayer beads, very nice.Thank you so much
- Linda B., Summerville NC

I received my prayer beads in the mail today, and I must tell you that they are much more beautiful than I imagined. The length, weight, and feel are perfect. I also prefer the way you link the beads together. You truly have a blessed ministry. Thank you so much! Peace.
- Bryan D., Madison, MS

Good Morning .... received the Rosary last week .... the quality surpassed what I expected. Thank you so much.
- Jim

Dear Nancy,
Thank you so much for all the kind thoughts. I have really enjoyed the prayer beads. They are beautiful and a joy to have. I use them each night and they really have helped me focus in my prayer time. I'll stretch and speak for my fellow military types as well when I say that it is the many kindnesses and thoughts and prayers of people like you back home that give us the strength to keep going here. Every one of us is just floored by the amount of love and support we've received from "home." Letters and pictures from children in Texas, packages of snacks from California, cards from all over... how can you not be brave and strong with so many people behind you?
Thanks again, and blessings to you in your ministry!
- Heather (Serving in Iraq)

I received my rosary today. Thank you so much. It's just beautiful.
- Jane M.

I purchased a string of your Anglican beads for prayer and meditation about 14 months ago. I really had no idea how invaluable that they would be when I acquired them. I take them most everywhere I go and it really helps me on focusing during the trials of the day that the Lord's presence is near and he is always beside me. During episodes of deep stress and attack I confess that if it wasn't for your beads and God's immediate answer to my prayers that I who knows what could have happened. Many people whom I worship with, Deacons, priests, and even strangers have seen me pray with them and have felt comfort. Our Bishop John David Schofield has even laid hands on them and blessed them. You must find great joy in knowing that many, many people from all over are drawn closer in prayer, meditation, and even soaking healing prayer by the works of your hands and your heart. So thank you from the bottom of mine.In Him,
- Chuck D., Fresno, CA

Thank you ever so much for my new Anglican Prayer Beads!! I truly adore how well made they are! They need to be well made - considering how regularly I will begin using them! After inspecting the beads and reading the users guide, my wife wants one for herself and another for our three year old son to use when he is older. Peace be with you!
- Todd

My beads arrived on Friday. They look great! I'll bring them to church with me and show them to the priest and my friends in the parish.
- Thank you, Julie H.

Thank you for your time, and the peace that these beads bring in this world of unrest.
- Diane Elias

Thank you so much! I got them Friday. They are beautiful.
- Christina B.

Nancy..I've had the Serenity Beads now for a few weeks and I must tell you how much I appreciate having them...I wish I would have had them several years ago when I first started a 12 Step Program...There are so many ways and prayers that they can be used for..They are beautiful...and I want to also Thank You for the beautiful prayer you sent by e-mail. Words are just inadequate to describe how it made me feel....Thank You
- Mary C.

You have no idea how much your rosary has enhanced my daily prayers. When I walk three miles every morning, I take your rosary with me, and pray it the whole time. I particularly like the Celtic Rosary. I'm going to explain this all to a group in our parish. You may be hearing from them. May God continue to bless your ministry. It is an important one.
- Skip

Thanks so much, Nancy. They were purchased for my best friend who lost her 7-year-old nephew in a very tragic car accident last year. She just had a baby boy and I thought these beads would be a nice way to connect the two spirits. I ordered a similar set of beads from you several months ago on ebay. They are truly beautiful and feel so wonderful in hand. I know that my friend will love them and was thrilled to give you some repeat business. Keep up the good work!
Kindest Regards,
- Megan

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful prayer beads you made for my wife and me. They arrived recently, one sapphire and one garnet, and are everything we hoped for. We loved the prayer you included as you made them which, for us, was most appropriate. We have been so busy learning how to use them and composing our own prayers to use with them that we have hardly noticed the time since we received them. We are completely thrilled with them and, in truth, they are the highlight of our Christmas presents.
Thank you so very much. You have a true calling. Merry Christmas from the north.
Sincerely yours,
- Bob & Dottie F. Frankfort, Michigan

The Rosary arrived yesterday. It is lovely. Thank you very much. I will have an order for you after the holidays.
May yours be blessed with all the joy that comes with Christ's birth.
- Susan

Nancy, I am so glad we found your web site and these prayer beads. The're arrival will be welcomed by everyone, at least I know I can't wait to get mine! We were all raised in the Episcopal Church growing up (my dad was a priest) and we all just lost our dear brother to cancer this year at Easter. I had strayed from the church, and it was at his memorial service that I received so much comfort from the liturgy...it was wonderful to hear all the words again that I had grown up with and realized I had come to cherish. We've been going ever since. So these beads, made with your blessing and prayers,will have special meaning for all of us this.
So, thank you for all you have done.
- Betsy

I knew when I found your web site and read about you and your beads, that I did not have to search anymore. Bless you!
Sandy D

Received my order several days ago and wanted to take a moment to thank you. The rosary/prayer beads have an elegant simplicity and are just beautiful. I am especially fond of the ornate gold cross, which works so well with the gemstone beads. I have just ordered another rosary for my Mom, who is undergoing cancer treatment at this time. Thank you for the comfort they will bring to her and the comfort they have already brought to me. There is just a wonderful spirituality about these prayer beads! Thank you especially for your prayers said over these rosaries.
Thanks and Bless you,
- Sharon R

Just a note to let you know my Mom has been enjoying her beautiful prayer beads. Thank you so much for completing them so quickly and for your prayers. I believe they really are bringing her peace and comfort and just wanted you to know how appreciated and treasured they are to her.
God bless you Nancy,
- Sharon R (and Mom)

I received them today. They're nicely done.
- Maria

Yes, the bracelet arrived today, and a very lovely item it is. Thank you for paying special attention to the size of my wrist. All the best to you in your ministry.
- Bob D

The prayer beads just arrived today. They are beautiful! The photos on the Website do not do them justice. (I have the emerald beads with the large pewter Celtic cross.)
Your service is outstanding, as well. They came sooner than I had expected, even though I am in northern Idaho, near Spokane, WA - not exactly close to Louisiana. I especially appreciated the e-mail you sent when you mailed the beads.
Thanks again for everything. I'm sure your company is, and will continue to be, a great success.
- Jean I

Nancy, Thank you. This is my second set of prayer beads from you. My first set was for myself and this set is for my son who is 12. I absolutely love mine and I am quite sure he will love his as well.
Thanks again,
- Brenda D

I received the prayer beads today, they look lovely, thank you!
- Alis

Sorry I have taken so long to send you this, but I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my rosary, and I love it! I was stunned by their beauty! I love the traditional links between the beads! I am so glad I chose yours over some others which are just plastic beads on a string! Both are fine, but the traditional look and feel of your beads is just wonderful!
Thank you so much, for the beads, and the prayer you said as you made them. I just cannot thank you enough!
- Jerry, Houston, TX

I received my beautiful beads today! Thank you so much! I am thrilled with them. They feel so nice in my hands and I'm sure I will spend many a quiet hour with them. Thanks again and I will recommend you to anyone I know who wishes to buy some. Thanks again, Lisa I just wanted to let you know that the beads arrived today and they are beautiful. Thank you so much,
Have a blessed week!
- Amye

I received my prayer beads today and they are just beautiful!! Thanks so much, I will cherish them...
- Teresa

I live in the Middle East (Jordan), and my sister and brother in law brought over my prayer beads for me when they visited recently. I've carried them in my pocket ever since, and throughout the day, I will bring them out and pray whenever I have a few spare moments (I'm an ESL instructor in a cultural center). The beads have also been great for keeping me focused during my daily quiet times with the Lord. Thank you Nancy for your contribution to my prayer life! May the Lord richly bless you!

The three new prayer beads arrived today and they are as beautiful as the last ones. I have already ordered another bracelet and also another prayer beads.Thank you so much.
God bless,
- Tamie

Nancy, I received the prayer beads on Friday and they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Mom told me that your "works" were very nice and she was right.
- Jeff

I got my beads! They're beautiful! Thank you very much! I will put your flier at my church and may contact you again about the heirloom rosary! Thanks again!
- Amanda

I received them yesterday and they are beautiful. Thank you so much.
- Teresa

I received the prayer beads yesterday. They are beautiful. I got them for my mother for Easter. She will absolutely love them. If you could send me two more pamphlets for my church I would be greatful.
Thanks. Happy Easter.
- Karin

I received the beads today. They are beautiful. Thanks for making them so promptly.
Yours in Christ,
- Diane

I received my prayer beads yesterday.....thank you so much! They are beautiful!
Sincerely with much thanks,
- Betsy C

I received my prayer beads yesterday and they're beautiful. I know I'm going to enjoy using them and I'm sure some more orders will follow!
Thank you,
- Beverly B

My rosary is beautiful - now my daughter wants one. And it was delivered so quickly. I will surely be placing your brochure at my church.
- Patricia

I got them and they are beautiful. I'll enjoy using them in my meditations. I'll send others your way if they are wanting prayer beads.
- Sophie

Nancy I received them yesterday and they are beautiful. Much higher quality than I would have expected for the price. You are truly a blessing.
- Fred

The bracelet arrived Thursday. I just wanted to say thank you for making such beautiful things and for sharing your prayers and talents. I hope I'll be able to send you some referrals!
- Lynn

Shame on me! I forgot to let you know that I've received the prayer beads and they are beautiful. You do excellent work.

The beads arrived, they are really beautiful. Thank you so much.

Yes I did receive the beads and they are great!! I appreciate your dedication to replying to my mail....i guess i was so excited/anxious to get them that i should have had/used a little more patience....they are awesome!!! Thank you for such a spiritual tool to help improve my spiritual life.....keep up the good work!!
God bless!!

You know, the original beads I ordered from you (red jasper, silver links and small Celtic cross) have been an almost-daily part of my prayer life since I bought them from you, and sometimes I get the feeling that they have become "charged up" from use. I also bought some for my friend Diane and she loves them.
God's peace be with you!

I just wanted to thank you again for your generosity, your lovely work, and the love with which you made and sent the beads to my sponsoring parish. I just got back from CA and the people absolutely loved them!! I made sure they had your literature right by the beads at the silent auction, so you may get many new clients soon!! My priest called me today to let me know that your beads were the item of the evening!! Thank you again, and may God bless you.
Fr Al

I got them, and they were perfect! Thank You

Thank you for the beads. I LOVE them. I got a set for a friend and she also LOVES them.
Thank you again,
Gwen R

Just a quick note to let you know that I received the prayer beads and they are wonderful! thank you for your promptness with getting the order to me. God Bless you.
Anne V

Hello! My set of Jasper beads have just arrived. I love the colors and feel of them. The first set I ordered from you (smokey topaz) I keep and use in my prayer corner. This jasper set I plan to carry in my purse. They are lovely and hold up quite well to repeated use and enhance my prayer time.
Thank You
Sharron P

Hi Nancy, I bought some beads from you a year or so ago and I love them. They keep me focused and are so helpful!
Susan R.

I'm a Lutheran, looking for ways to renew and refresh my spiritual journey. I happened to wander (by Design, don't you think?) into an Anglican rosary website. This looks like what I've been looking for to help accomplish those ends; it looks like a perfect way to help center oneself with peaceful communication with our Lord. I've ordered a rosary online, and am so happy to have found this blessing. Thank you so much for your website and all the encouragement it offers.
Kathy J

Just to let you know that my Anglican rosary arrived today and it is beautiful. I will so enjoy using it. Might mention that our temperatures went to 105 degrees today and when I brought the envelope in from the mail box the beads were WARM! I will strive to pray and keep them that way. The booklet is wonderful and will be most helpful. You've a beautiful ministry--thank God for you.
Blessings and peace,
Anne P

Just got my beads today!
Thanks for my new beautiful serenity beads! And that Booklet is so wonderful! Oh my goodness its just awesome ! ! I just love the layout of the instructions.. Thanks for giving me this powerful tool ! After I send this e-mail to you I am going to light a candle and spend some time with HP using my beads and the instructions book ! Brenda

Just wanted to let you know that the bracelets arrived safely today. As tired as I am (spent last night with 12 and 13 y/o at a church lock-in), I couldn't stop sitting down and just being in awe of how beautiful they are. You do such lovely work! Thank you sooo much!
Hope your weekend is going well. I'll write more soon,
Peace to you,

"I love the first set of beads, which I just received today! Thanks and God bless!"
- Mark S., Newark Ohio

"As you know, I'm just thrilled with the periodot beads that you made for me to give Melissa when she's ordained to the diaconate. I'm so thrilled that I had to put the beads away, out of sight and out of mind until her ordination. They're in a drawer in my guest room and for some reason I keep finding excuses to get them out and feel of their lovely, beady selves!"
- Cathie C., Roanoke VA

"Thank you so very, very much for sending us our prayer beads as soon as you did. They are beautiful. We were very excited to see them and to see how they looked. I can't even really put into words how beautiful they are. My nerves can rest easy now that we received them. Thanks again for all that you have done for us. God bless you."
- Aime B., Jackson LA

"Thank you so much Nancy! I really appreciate the prayer and I will continue to use it (with your permission of course) as I pray the beads and ask that my pain be relieved. Thank you again."
- Rosemarie O., Palmyra NY

"Just wanted to say that my beads arrived safely today, and they are just beautiful! Thanks so much again."
- Sarah P., New Haven CT

"Thank you for the prayer beads, they are beautiful, and I am sure I will enjoy using them."
- Cynthia M., Clinton MS

"Dear Nancy - The prayer beads arrived yesterday. I had to write to tell you how beautiful they are. I felt such peace just touching the beads. The prayer booklets are just wonderful also. Thank you so much."
- Cynde M., Mandarin FL

"Thanks very much! Everything looks beautiful!"
- Deborah W., Berlin NJ

"Thank you for making the rosaries for me; they are beautiful. I gave Kristy hers last night and she liked it so much that I thought she was going to cry."
- Katie M., Collierville TN

"Thanks! I received the rosary, and I love it!"
- Debbie D., Atlanta GA

"Just received the beads this morning. They are so lovely, just the way I anticipated they would be."
- Donald D., Kent - United Kingdom

"The beads arrived in perfect shape; thank you so much! They are gorgeous, and will be treasured. I will spread the word about your wonderful ministry, and I look forward to placing future orders!"
- Marcella M., Boca Raton, FL

"Another order! My aunt came to visit for Thanksgiving, and so admired my beads that she wanted some of her very own. Speaking of my beads, I love them! They have already helped to center and calm me, and they are a very rich addition to my prayer life. Thanks again!"
- Marcella M., Boca Raton, FL

"I just wanted to let you know that my beads arrived today. They're just beautiful! Thanks, so much!"
- Cindy B., Kissimmee FL

"The beads arrived yesterday and they are so lovely I can hardly stand it! Thank you again"
- Alexandra K., NYNY

"The beautiful Anglican rosary arrived last week and I must say that I do prefer beads as you tie them together"
- Fr. Rick C.

"I received your rosary today. I have to email you to communicate how beautiful and satisfying it is to hold. I have a number of Catholic rosaries and several Episcopal ones, but yours is by far the most beautiful! As soon as I held it I felt more centered . . . an unusual experience for a busy social worker managing programs for the medically fragile elderly. I'll be back to order more"
- Bill G.,Salt Lake City

"Dear Nancy, The prayer beads arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with them. They are lovely and I have already enjoyed using them. Your prayer booklet is very helpful and some of the prayers are ones I use everyday - 'Be still and know that I am God' and 'The Jesus Prayer'"
- Mickey G. Nacogdoches TX

"My prayer beads arrived this afternoon. I am absolutely thrilled. They are lovely and have such a good feel. God bless you as you pray and work to help others in their prayer life"
- Aurie W., Marfa TX

"Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how well my present of prayer beads went over with my friend. She loved them...as much as I did"
- Liesl M., Minden LA

"I got my Prayer Beads this past Saturday. I just wanted to send you a little email and let you know I was very pleased with them"
- Laura T., Antioch TN

"Just a note to let you know that I received my Anglican Rosary, and it is beautiful. The emerald beads are even more beautiful than I imagined! I will use them often, and I will definitely be telling others about you. Thank you! In Christ..."
- James B., Hemet CA

"Thank you so much for the prayers. The Peace of God flowing through me like a river is my favorite. God bless you in many ways and I will pray for you as I use the prayer beads."
- Alline

"Thank you so much for my set of prayer beads. They are beautiful and very well crafted. It is truly a gift you have doing what you do."
- Aime B., Jackson LA

"You weren't kidding about how beautifully sparkly the periodot beads are. Both sets are lovely but the periodot set is just gorgeous. Thanks so much for accommodating my special request. I'll let you know how the recipients like them, especially Melissa who gets the periodots."
- Cathie C., Roanoke VA

"As usual, everything is wonderful. It's so hard to pick a favorite color, isn't it? I always enjoy unpacking the beads, a feeling of peace comes over me."
- Patty S., wholesale buyer, Norman OK

"The prayer beads arrived yesterday, just in time for Father's Day. My husband was thrilled. Thank you so much for your quick service on such short notice. Our priest was impressed too. Please expect some additional orders in the future."
- Janet J., Laurel MS

"I received my two sets of beads yesterday. They are beautiful. I am especially happy with the cobalt rosary, but both are really wonderful. Thank you so much for your efforts, and for getting them to me so quickly. I wish you all the best."
- Peace, Greg M., Oakland CA

"Dear Nancy - Received my Anglican prayer beads today - they're beautiful! I hope to order more as gifts in the near future. I have actually been using a Catholic Rosary occasionally as a prayer ritual - I am so excited about now having an Anglican "rosary" to use! Thanks again and God Bless!"
- Paulette M., Delray Beach FL

"I received the beads yesterday. They're beautiful. Thank you."
- Russ U., Atlanta GA

"I received the prayer beads on Saturday and am so delighted with them. Your creation is beautiful and so carefully created. Thanks!"
- Deacon Patsy A., Wichita KS

"Since my birthday in May of 2002, the members of my church in Richmond have ordered over 100 different sets of prayer beads from you. Each one has been exquisite in detail and has touched lives in ways I never could have imagined. I love the feel of each set - the strength they impart to their new owners and the love they represent are without compare. I can only say simply that I love them. The prayer books have been extremely helpful and have led us all on a closer walk with our Lord. If someone is looking for something to help them focus on their prayer life, this is the most wonderful thing. Mine go with me everywhere and have helped me feel stronger in my faith and have given me a tangible way to pray. I've been lucky enough to have seen almost every single style of bead and cross - each is absolutely beautiful. On a practical note, you have taken extraordinary care in each and every shipment of bead sets. Your communication with me has been as close as need be and your response to any concerns or questions has been immediate. I truly feel that you are a blessed gift to our parish and Thank God for both you and your ministry. Blessings to you always."
- Alison A, Midlothian, VA

"After my two sons saw my prayer beads, they both asked for their own sets. They chose very different prayer bead sets and have used them consistently ever since. Even though they are only 10 and 12, they both feel comfortable talking about them to others and sharing what they know about using their prayer beads. Thank you for giving me a way to translate the power of prayer to my children!"
- Alison and Mike A, Midlothian, VA

"Just wanted to let you know that I got the prayer beads today. Thanks so much. They are wonderful. I really was leaning towards the fancy jasper and am very glad the Spirit lead you to that decision. I know that my prayer life will be enhanced."
- For His Sake, Sally G., Spartanburg SC

"I received my red jasper prayer beads in the mail Friday. They are wonderful. I love the weight of them; I love how cool they fell when I first pick them up; I love the way they warm up in my hands... May the work of your hands continue to bring inspiration and joy."
- Sally Z, Chadron NE

"I received my prayer beads in the mail on Wednesday, August 28, 2002. They are lovely and I appreciate the hard work that you did on them. Thanks again."
- Janet H., Howard KS

"Thank you so much for making the prayer beads for me. You just can't imagine how much I appreciate it. You just can't find them anywhere in Mississippi. I sure your beads have help many people meditate on God's word. Many, many thanks to you. I am sure I will be ordering more very soon for my children. The prices are very reasonable, too."
- Sincerely, Brenda A., Braxton MS

"I just received my prayer beads and am absolutely delighted! In fact, I have just placed two additional orders."
- Richard A., Norcross GA

"The beads arrived and they are beautiful. Thank you and God Bless."
- Debra R., Berwyn IL

"I just wanted to let you know that the Prayer Beads arrived today. I can sum up my reaction in just one word - Awesome!"
- Don J., Menasha WI

"Thank you for the beautiful craftmanship that you put into my prayer beads. They are absolutely exquisite! They arrived yesterday, and I couldn't wait to see them. Thank you again! I am sure they will assist me in my daily prayer and meditation. Peace be with you."
- Audra L., Benson NC

"The prayer beads arrived and are beautiful. Thank you for offering your talents in this special way."
- Kathleen S., Wheeling WV

"I got them today and they are beautiful!!!!!"
- Nancy D., Lake Charles LA

"I just wanted to let you know the beads you made for me arrived in the mail yesterday and they are lovely."
- Michael S., Burlington, Ontario Canada

"I have received the prayer beads and they are beautiful. I appreciate your quality work."
- Christopher A., Baltimore MD

"Just a quick note to thank you for my prayer beads. They are beautiful!"
- Al W., Coralville IA

"I also wanted to share a nice story about one of your sets of prayer beads. My mother in law has Alzheimers and is definitely not "with us" any longer. So buying her gifts is a very difficult task. She just sits in front of the TV kind of wringing her hands. We gave her a set of prayer beads and she hasn't put them down since we gave them to her. I thought you might appreciate that story, it certainly has warmed my heart."
- Chris E., Charlottesville VA

"Thanks I appreciate your fast service. I love mine and use them daily. They are helping to keep me focused."
- Norma D., Lexington SC

"Just received my prayer beads - they are more beautiful that I had imagined thank you so much - they will be an integral part of my journey to and with God's blessings"
- Mary H., Nashville TN

"Many thanks. I received the beads well in advance of my wife's birthday, and had the pleasure of giving them to her yesterday. To say that she loved them would be an understatement. The obvious care and craftsmanship you put into these beads is remarkable."
- Mike A., Midlothian VA

"I received the beads yesterday, and they are wonderful as always. Thank you again for a blessed product."
- Elizabeth H.

"I love these beads and used them as part of my Pentecost sermon illustrating tangible ways to let the Holy Spirit inform and direct."
- Fr. Steve R., Ocala FL

"To the Order of the Daughters of the King, I wanted to thank you for the Anglican rosary beads made by Nancy Campbell of St. Agnes Chapter and blessed by Bishop Hargrove. They hung for quite some time in the chapel, then I put them in the sacristy for safekeeping over the Christmas holidays. I sensed were calling out to me - "Pray with me". So on the New Year, I took them down and have been using them daily to pray for our work here at Ground Zero. Thank you so much - they are beautifully made and so special to me! Your generosity is much appreciated..."
- Sr. Grace, St Paul's Chapel, Ground Zero, NYC

"I received my prayer beads on Thursday (1/10/02) and they are certainly beautiful! You certainly do marvelous work. I am still getting the hang of using them, but I know that they will certainly enrich my prayer life."
- Miranda C., Christianburg VA

On arrival of the first set of beads: "Thank you so much for the beads. They arrived yesterday and I did the children's bedtime prayer with my two children last night and they loved it. I did too." Upon ordering 2 more sets of beads: "I will be anxiously checking my mailbox all next week. They have been fighting over who gets to hold the current set so now they can each have their own and our prayers can be peaceful once again."
- Susy M., Lincoln NE

"My folks received your shipment last week. They really appreciate the quality of your work, and your patience is evident in every piece."
- Timothy S., The Woodlands TX

"I look forward to receiving yet another of your beautiful creations."
- Jeffrey C., Durant OK

"Nancy, I received the beads today. As usual, they are beautiful! Thanks for your ministry."
- Martha H., Alexandria LA

"Received the rosaries today. They are absolutely lovely. Thank you so much, you do lovely work."
- Peg R., Lusby MD

"I ought to have written two days ago to let you know the beads arrived safe & sound, and are absolutely lovely. Thank you so much."
- Ken W., Sea Bright NJ

"I have ordered several sets of Anglican beads from several websites. Yours are the best and most beautiful by far, particularly for the chain-link findings... Your booklet is better too, it allows for flexibility and one's own needs. It makes the point that there is no 'right' way to pray with (or without) the beads. This is really important. I think if people are led to believe that if they don't follow the structure then they're not doing it right, then they give up pretty easily. And they will lose a lot of comfort and peace. I think your work is a blessing. Thanks so much."
- Anne W., Hampton VA

"Thank you! They are beautiful"
- Miranda C., Christianburg VA

"The beads are lovely and the [booklet of] prayers will come in handy"
- Judy F., Clackamas OR

"Thank you so much for the speedy response. The prayer beads are beautiful and the brochures you included will be very helpful."
- Susan and Howard D., Kankakee IL

"Thank you so much for the lovely beads"
- Sue P., York MA

"Thank you. The rosary is really lovely"
- Sharon R., Durango CO

"The prayer beads are beautiful! You do excellent work and I will highly recommend you to others"
- Steve and Linda N., Gatesville TX

"The prayer beads are wonderful. Thank you for making them for me and sending them quickly. Thanks for making such a wonderful gift for me to give to a friend who is a blessing in my life…she has told me how much she is enjoying them."
- Elizabeth H., Pensacola FL

"Thank you very much. The beads are beautiful and the prayers especially meaningful - ones I would have chosen"
- Ann N., Seattle WA

"Thank you Nancy. I love the prayer beads you made for me."
- Cindy P., Palm Bay FL

"Nancy, thank you for the beautiful prayer beads! I plan on ordering more soon"
- Diane T., Shreveport LA

""What beautiful work you do! These last few days, as I've started 'getting the feel' of using the beads, I've begun to sense their potential for deepening the meaning of my prayer life - thank you so much!"
- Earlene K., Kansas City, Missouri

"Thank you SO much for the BEAUTIFUL prayer beads! I know I will enjoy them! May God Bless You ABUNDANTLY!"
- Timothy V., Glendora CA

"Thank you! I love the beads!"
- Sue F., Frederick MD

"Thank you for the absolutely beautiful prayer beads. I have certainly enjoyed them and hope to continue for years to come."
- Jennifer H., Nacogdoches, Texas

"The prayer beads are beautiful! Thank you so much for this wonderful ministry!"
- John D., Maryland Heights MO

"I am so glad the beads have arrived. I need them daily - and now I have a set to share if the need arises and I do hope it will. Prayer is shared healing - thanks for sharing your talent"
- Phyllis S., Indian Head Park IL

"Thank you for making the beautiful prayer beads for me. I will enjoy them for many years. I had purchased some for my husband at [name of shop withheld] and yours are far superior."
- Jan W. . Fremont CA

"I love my prayer beads and they have been used daily since I received them on September 11... Others wanted to order prayer beads once they saw mine, so enclosed is $100, for mine and 3 others"
- Mary R., Lockhart TX

"The beads arrived safe and sound and are lovely…I'm glad I stumbled across your website!"
- Diane B., Guilford CT

"They are beautiful. They will help me pray for all the life that ended and is ending"
- Emily M., NY NY Sept. 13, 2001

"Just a note to let you know that the Anglican prayer beads you sent arrived safely. Your work is beautiful and very much appreciated. I have several other Anglican prayer beads, all hand tied, but your chained beads have the feel of a more traditional rosary. Thanks for your exquisite work. Know that the beads are being regularly used each day and they are a delight to use. I know where to go in the future if a special gift is needed!"
- Rev. Richard C., Seymour CT

"I received the prayer beads and am quite pleased with them, thank you."
- Alan H., Boise ID

"Thanks for everything and keep up the good work"
- Danny H., Lebanon TN

"The Rosary is beautiful. I'm sure that it will further my spiritual growth. Thank you for your service and ministry"
- Jeffrey C., Durant OK

"Thank you so much for the prayer beads…just having them with me is calming."
- Linda T., Tuscaloosa AL



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